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4Productions is the driving force behind your event production. We manage entertainment productions for big and small clients, doing a wide variety of assignments. Our origin and core business lies within dance and multimedia events, but nowa- days we do more than that: concerts, B2B, fashion and sports events are projects we also love to do.
One of the core values of our company is doing business honestly, and therefore we guarantee 100% transparency. We work for set prices (this could be a project price or fixed hourly rates), we give insight in our budgets and hours spent on each part of the project. We don’t take kickbacks from suppliers, all discounts will go directly to our clients. That way we are completely independent.


Decisive in productions

Whenever your event needs to stand out, or you need that specialized knowledge to make your idea work, 4Productions is your partner. We can deliver from a single service to full service. Whether it’s a design for a stage or event location,

an audio/visual project, budgeting and purchasing, a fresh look on the feasibility of your idea or to lead the production of your event from start to finish, 4Productions has the knowhow, experience, network and right partners to do so.

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About 4Productions

When experience counts

Image, sound and lighting technology have long been the passion of co-owner and founder, Rudy Vorstenbosch, while event productions in the broadest sense of the word have been the passion of other co-owner and founder, Bram van Amelsvoort. Together, they have over three decades of experience in event productions, and have worked together on large-scale events in the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway and Spain. From our office in Oisterwijk, we give our own interpretation to the increasingly complex production and safety issues surrounding events. Along with a team of professionals, we provide the productions services you’re in need for.


In search of the highest attainable level

Production and technical possibilities may seem endless, but they are certainly not; budgets, location and regulations may impose limitations. However, our passion to create the best events possible pushes us to seek the furthest boundaries of what’s possible within the framework of the project. We make the seemingly impossible possible, and provide surprise and wonder for those attending.

People are the driving force

A good (technical) production works like a well-oiled machine; the right people and planning are needed to keep it running smoothly. The driving forces behind 4Productions are Rudy Vorstenbosch and Bram van Amelsvoort. They know the event business and the people in it, and have a big network in the event industry. Rudy and Bram can provide a team of the right professionals and resources needed for exceptional results. Communication is essential throughout the development and execution of any project, as is maintaining a clear vision of the shared goal. 4Productions provides the type of project management that keeps everyone working together efficiently and effectively.

Our strengths

Passion, honesty, transparency, experience, and a solid network; that’s the power of 4Productions. We believe in the importance of honest and clear communications, flexibility, accuracy and responsibility, and apply it in all of our projects. Our combined strengths ensure that we have the capability to oversee the whole production process, right down to the smallest details. We love what we do and it is reflected in the quality of our productions.


From dance, to seminar and sports event

The basis of 4Productions is overall production management, with a wide rang of services. Some of these services overlap with other disciplines within a project, like safety and crew & crowd services. In those cases we collaborate with other people in the project team, this differs per assignment. The origin and core business of 4Productions lies within dance and multimedia events, both nationally and internationally. But our project expertise doesn’t end there; we also organize the (technical) productions for business seminars, concerts and sports events.

Examples of our previous projects are presented in our portfolio:


Are you curious for the possibilities? Call us at +31 (0)13 889 25 99 or send an e-mail to info@4productions.nl. You can also fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.



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