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4Productions provides event organizations with support where needed. Either on specific processes, or during the entire production. We offer a total solution to take away worries of clients and realize their wishes.

Production Management

During the production process we will draw up agreements with all suppliers and partners in order to relieve the client as much as possible. Our experienced team ensures efficient collaboration in an often complex production process. We are the connecting link between all stakeholders. This way we can guarantee top-quality processes and optimal results.


The event industry develops in a rapid pace, and 4Productions keeps up. Although we prefer to think in possibilities, there are always factors that may limit the production. Our experienced team has seen and experienced a lot in the industry and are happy to help set up a plan according to the latest regulations. We know the limits of what is feasible and provide advice on technical viability, safety aspects and budgets in advance.

Location Management

Prior to technical drawing, we are going to visit the location to find out what the possibilities are and what factors need to be taken into consideration. We will measure the location and put it on paper in detail. During construction everything will be positioned with the use of GPS in order to forestall any unpleasant surprises during the actual event.

Technical Drawing 2D/3D

The technical drawing is the basis of every production, an essential source of information. All crucial information concerning the production is incorporated in this drawing, such as large objects and escape routes, but also any utility lines, so that these are not affected during construction. When everything is mapped, a clear blueprint of everything that needs to be purchased is listed.

Purchase Management

Due to our years of experience in the events industry, we have built up a large network of national and international suppliers. Because of our excellent connections with suppliers and our understanding of current market prices, we can purchase high-quality supplies at competitive prices.


An event on the beach, in a meadow in the middle of a city or on a ship? We have realized unique events in recent years, often at challenging locations. Based on the technical drawing, we draw up an extensive logistic plan to shape the production process. We work together with reputable suppliers, which results in a smoothly running logistics process.

Safety Management

For 4Productions safety is a top priority. We take various measures to achieve this. For example, in the technical drawing we take into account the walking routes of the visitors, as well as the appropriate number of emergency exits and facilities. This attention for crowd control guarantees the safety of the visitors and a smooth unrolling event. In addition, behind the scenes the safety of all the crew is supervised.

Event office

Optionally, 4Productions can set up an event office on location. This is the central point backstage where all crew and suppliers can report any ad hoc problems, questions or supplies, such as radio transceivers or keys. During preparation we arrange the accreditation.

Site production

It is possible for 4Productions to be on site with a highly skilled team during the construction, show-days and dismantling to make sure everything runs smoothly. We co-ordinate and put the drawings and plans made prior to the event into practice.


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